We Welcome Dr. Chetan Anchan to the Team!!!


We welcome the latest addition to the Specialty Surgical Oncology team – Dr. Chetan Anchan!!

Already a well-established name in the field of Bone and Soft-tissue surgical oncology, Dr.Chetan is affiliated to Bombay Hospital, HN Reliance Foundation hospital, Jupiter hospital and several others in the city of Mumbai. Dr.Chetan has 16 years experience in the management of bone and soft tissue tumors.

After completing his masters in orthopedics, dr.Chetan worked as a clinical fellow in the dept.of orthopedic oncology in the reputed Tata Memorial Centre,for more than 4 years. He has contributed to several textbooks and has numerous international papers and scientific publications to his name With Dr.Chetan on board, our team can now provide a more comprehensive surgical care in cancer.

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