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Case Studies

Laparoscopic Right Colectomy in a Patient With Heart Condition

Mr. Shyam(name changed), 53 year old gentleman, with no hypertension, diabetes, and asthma was diagnosed with cancer of the ascending colon.

Optimal treatment of breast cancer in BRCA gene mutations

Brief history: Mrs. Sarika Navale (name changed) is a 33 year old, lady working as a nurse in a reputed hospital.

Unusual case of PNET in the abdomen

We recently consulted a 42 year old male patient who was diagnosed with a large PNET in the retoperitoneum stretching

Synovial Sarcoma at an unusual and complex site

Ms. A, 27 yrs. old unmarried lady from northern India noticed a small painless swelling in the pubic region. Over the next few weeks, the swelling grew noticeably.

Recurrence of Breast Cancer: A Management Dilemma

There is always a word of advice on the management of early breast cancer, locally advanced breast cancer as well as metastatic breast cancer.

Fibroadenomas and Oncoplasty

Mrs XYZ, a 30-year-old married working lady had complaints of multiple lumps in the left breast associated with pain over 6 months.

Giant Cell Tumour of Sternum: Resection and Reconstruction

Mr ABC is a 30-year-old farmer who worked aggressively on his farms. He started developing pain in his midline chest bone since 2-3 months.

Resection Aorta and IVC (Major Abdominal Vessels) in Germ Cell Tumour of Testis

A 39 year old gentleman who had testicular cancer 12 years back and had undergone removal of the affected testis followed by chemotherapy for testicular germ cell tumour.

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Omkar Waingankar

Treating Doctor :

Dr. Jay Anam

Under Dr. Jay Anam sir's guidance we did breast cancer's surgery and now we are doing it's post treatment from Speciality Surgical Oncology. Our experience was so good. The doctors and medical staff is very supportive. Our petient is still under treatment but now she is all fine. Thank you for your support and guidance.

Vivek Vasudevan

Treating Doctor :

Dr. Praveen Kammar

Dr.Praveen Kammar has been very patient in explaining diagnosis and plan of action. Fortunately our surgery, which was planned as Major surgery, could be avoided and all went out smoothly. Overall a good experience at SSO hospital and each member of the organization ensured utmost care and empathy is given to the patient. Hospital is clean and without clutter. Rooms are spacious and well maintained.

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