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Leading Surgical Oncologists in Mumbai at SSO Hospital

Dr. Chetan Anchan


Dr. Chetan Anchan is an expert and well-known orthopedic surgeon and oncologist from Mumbai.

Dr. Jay Anam

M.Ch. Surgical Oncology

Surgical oncologist Jay R Anam specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.


Dr. Praveen Kammar


The surgeon Praveen Kammar practices as an expert in surgical oncology in Mumbai.

Dr. Sanket Mehta


In his practice, Dr. Sanket Mehta focuses on providing quality surgical treatment with surgical proficiency.

Dr. Nilesh Chordiya


Dr. Nilesh Chordiya has more than 12 years of experience in private practice and is omnipresent in the central ..

Dr. Jageshwar Pandey


Dr. Jageshwar is an exceptional administrator with vast experience in managing all aspects of hospital ..

Dr. Amit Chakraborty

MCh – Oncology

Dr. Amit Chakraborty is a Surgical Oncologist in Girgaon, Mumbai, with 15 years of experience in this field.

Dr. Shrikant Atluri

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), M.Ch (Urology)

Dr. Shrikant Atluri is a surgical oncologist specialising in urologic oncology

Dr. Ujwal Yeole

MBBS, MS, DNB, MCh Neurosurgery, DNB Neurosurgery

Dr. Ujwal Yeole is a renowned oncologist with a specialisation in neuro-oncology,

Dr. Niharika Garach

MBBS, MS, MCh Surgical Oncology

Dr. Niharika Garach is a trained surgical oncologist from Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai. She subsequently…

Dr. Ridhima Bindlish


Dr. Ridhima Bindlish is a breast oncologist trained from Tata Memorial Cancer Centre, Mumbai.

Dr. Vivek Sukumar

MBBS, MS, MCh Surgical Oncology

Dr. Vivek Sukumar is a Surgical Oncologist who specialises in GI and Peritoneal surface oncology..

Dr. Jayesh Gori

MBBS, MS, MCh Surgical Oncology

Dr. Jayesh Gori is a practising Mch Surgical Oncologyfrom the Tata Memorial Hospital and part of the ..

Dr. Jitesh Rajpurohit

MBBS, MS, MCh Surgical Oncology

Dr. Jitesh Rajpurohit is a practising Onco-surgeon specialising in GI and Gynaecological Oncology.

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Cancer is a severe health concern that is not easy for a patient and his family to deal with. We at SSO Hospital, provide advanced cancer care right from diagnosis to post-operative care. Our expert oncologists work closely from beginning to end to ensure the maximum success rate of cancer treatments.

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