Dr. Jay R. Anam

Dr. Jay R. Anam

Breast Cancer Surgeon
DNB General Surgery, M.Ch

Breast Cancer in Males

Generally, breast cancer is related to women. But it should not be surprising to know that even men can get it .

Although the cases are very few, about 1%, but the sheer size of even 1 % is very high for the large Indian population.

Hence it is very important to know about this condition.

In this brief article, we will take a look at the symptoms, causes and treatments of Breast Cancer in Men. Let’s begin.


Dr. Jay R. Anam

Dr. Jay R. Anam

Breast Cancer Surgeon

What are the symptoms of Breast Cancer in Males?

Usually,  the breasts in males are rudimentary (underdeveloped). But still, here are some signs that might indicate the possibility of Breast Cancer in Males:

  • Lump in the Breast:
    If you are experiencing a hardness or a lump in your chest, it might be a sign of breast cancer. 

  • Discharge from Nipples:
    Though very rare but some patients might experience discharge from the nipples

  • Lump with Nipples retraction:
    In some cases, patients get a big lump beside the nipples, retracting it inside.

  • In some patients, a lump may appear in the underarm region.


These are some common symptoms that indicate that there are some abnormalities in your body.

So if you have doubts about your issue, stand in front of a mirror and check your body.

If you see any abnormality on one side of the breast, you should immediately consult your specialist.

What causes Breast Cancer in Males?

Well, no specific factors might cause Breast Cancer in Males.

But there are a few risk factors that might increase your risk of getting Breast Cancer:

  • Increase in Estrogen level :

When the Estrogen levels rise in the body, it reduces the testosterone levels.

This might increase the risk of getting Breast Cancer in males.

This generally occurs during old age. Moreover, if there is some issue with the testes that prevents the production of testosterone or liver diseases might cause a rise in Estrogen levels.

Moreover, certain Hormonal Medications too might impact Estrogen levels.

  • Klinefelter Syndrome :
    It’s a genetic condition that might increase the risk of Breast Cancer in males.

  • Presence of BRCA 2 genes :
    If BRCA 2 genes are present in males, it might increase the risk of cancer.

Now, let’s discuss the treatment alternatives for Breast Cancer in Males.

Treatments for Breast Cancer in Males

As the breast of males is not quite developed, it’s easy to identify the tumour in the early stage.

Moreover, other symptoms are also visible early in males. The treatment of Breast Cancer in males is similar to that in females.

Initially, we perform Clinical Assessment and then Radiological Evaluation like sonomammography.

Later, we perform a core biopsy to confirm the diagnosis of Breast Cancer. If the cancer is diagnosed, we perform a PET scan.

This scan helps us identify the spread of the infection in other parts of the body. After analyzing all these factors, we chart a future treatment plan.

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In some cases, surgery is necessary, while in some cases, Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy is a suitable option.

In case if we identify Estrogen and progesterone receptors, we give hormonal treatments too.

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Wrapping up

Although rare, breast cancer in males does occur. So make sure you are well aware of the signs and symptoms.

We hope this discussion has been quite informative for you.

In case you need any more information or support, feel free to reach out. Our team will get in touch with you right away.