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Breast Conservation Surgery (BCT) is the surgery performed to remove the cancer without modifying the breast shape. The main aim of this surgery to leave the breast’s shape and look as natural as possible. In this surgical technique some of the healthy tissues and lymph nodes are removed. This surgery is also called as lumpectomy or partial mastectomy.


In this surgery the breast lump and some of the tissues around it are removed. This removed lump is then sent for examination.

Partial Mastectomy

In this surgery the area of the breast containing cancer and some of the breast tissues around the tumor are removed along with the lining over the chest muscles below the tumor.

Breast Conserving surgery allows woman to keep most of her original breast. BCS is limited to some patients i.e., Only woman who is suffering from stage I and stage II type of breast cancer can go for breast conservation surgery. This patients needs 5 to 8 years of follow up period depending upon their condition.

There are some very crucial factors needs to be focused on before selecting patient for BCT such as physical examination, breast imaging, medical history, and histological assessment of the resected breast. This surgery is followed by radiation therapy to reduce the risk of recurring of cancer in breast.

  • Breast cancer is only applicable to women having tumor measuring less than 3 cm in diameter and present in only one quadrant of the breast.
  • Patient should have enough breast volume to remove the tumor without causing any damage to the remaining breast shape and size.
  • This surgery is applicable to those patients who are able to undergo radiation therapy after preservation therapy.

If the cancer is very small or can’t be felt, a radiologist will use mammogram or ultrasound to locate the area in which the tumor is present and by inserting a fine wire the tumor is removed. This technique is called D- wire or wire localized excision.


The time it takes to recover depends on whether the lymph nodes were removed during the surgery. Patients are not suggested to drive until the movements are pain free and advised to avoid lifting heavy things to reduce the risk of post – operative bleeding.


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