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Patient who had surgery as treatment choose breast reconstruction surgery to reconstruct and reshape the look, shape and size of breast.

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There are two main techniques used in breast reconstruction surgery.

  • Implant reconstruction: In this procedure an implant which is filled with salt water and silicone gel is implanted in breast to retain its shape and size as the other breast.
  • Flap reconstruction: This is the second method in which tissues around the other parts of the patient’s body such as back, buttocks, thighs or abdomen is used to reconstruct the shape of breast.


There are some factors which are needed to be considered before proceeding with this treatment.

  • The general health of the patient is checked. It is checked whether the patient is non – a smoker or non – drinker, as it may affect the recovery period.
  • Whether breast reconstruction surgery is needed or not depends on the size and location of the breast cancer, the patient’s breast size, and the method used for breast cancer surgery.
  • It is also examined if the patient needs any other treatment post-surgery.
  • If the reconstruction is done by flap reconstruction technique, it is also examined for the number of tissues available in the body. For example, if the patient is very thin then there will be very less tissues available to proceed with flap reconstruction.
  • It also depends on the factor of whether reconstruction surgery is needed for only one breast or both breasts.

Most patients who had breast conservation surgery do not need breast reconstruction. However, some patient who suffers from breast deformity post-surgery needs reconstruction surgery.

Recovery after breast reconstruction surgery

After the surgery, patients are suggested and encouraged to start their arm movements. While still in the hospital under observation, patients are suggested to sit on the chair or on the bed taking back supports. They are also encouraged to walk. The average days the patient stays in hospital in 2-3 days.

After the patient is released from hospital there are some follow-ups which are to be followed.

After going home, patient can experience soreness and swelling for 2-3 days which can be healed and recovered by certain medication prescribed by doctor.

Patient can return to normal routine within 6 to 8 weeks of surgery.

The shape of the reconstructed breast will gradually improve over the months. Patients will be asked to continue with the regular checkups including self breast test every month and annual mammogram.

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