Fibroadenomas and Oncoplasty

31/10/2019 | By Dr. Jay Anam

Surgery: Breast Surgeries

Fig 01. Locations of fibroadenomas

Mrs XYZ, a 30-year-old married working lady had complaints of multiple lumps in the left breast associated with pain over 6 months. They were gradually increasing in size. On examination, multiple lumps were present in the left breast.

USG of the breast done was suggestive of three fibroadenomas in different quadrants of the breast far away from each other (fig 01). After a trial of conservative medications over a brief period of 4- 5 months, the patient was referred to us for surgery.

Patient Concern

Worried about the scar, loss of sensations and effect on future breast feeding

Treatment Offered

Fig 02. a. Surgical Planning

Fig 02. b. Incision

Fig 02. c. After Removal of All Lumps


Fig 03 a. Before Surgery

Fig 03. b. Two Months After Surgery

Core Message

Fibroadenomas are benign breast tumours commonly affecting young women and cause quite a lot of concern. Fibroadenoma is not cancer but surgical removal is needed when it causes a cosmetic deformity in the breast and when the size is large.

Since these affect young women who are unmarried and conscious about body image careful surgical planning is needed for the removal of fibroadenomas (especially when there are more than one) with minimal or no scars keeping in mind – preservation of sensations, future breastfeeding. Round Block Oncoplasty is an excellent technique to achieve these goals.

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