Cancer Blog | 2 Nov 2021, Monday

Stranded Due to Coronavirus? Cancer Treatment Cannot Wait Indefinitely


Due to the present lockdown, we understand it is extremely difficult to have a face to face consultation. However cancer treatment cannot be delayed indefinitely. And it is more than likely that the present situation is not going to change anytime soon.

Hence we have decided to do online consultation for all our patients. After the online consultation, a face to face to meeting is planned only if deemed necessary and that too in a secure environment.

Here is the flowchart how you can plan an online consultation:

  • Arrange all your documents in chronological order (date wise-oldest first).
  • Scan them using a cam scanner on your mobile.
  • Send all the documents across via whatsapp to
    • Mr Swapnil 8268880185 – for consultation with Dr Sanket Mehta
    • Mrs Preethi 9372392003 – for consultation with Dr Praveen Kammar
    • Mr Sikandar 7021048608 – for consultation with Dr Jay Anam and Dr Chetan Anchan
  • Please mention in your whatsapp message the patient details, address and who you want to consult
  • You can also add short summary of the patient details as well.
  • Alternatively, if you wish, you can mail the same details to the consultants directly
    • Dr Sanket Mehta –
    • Dr Praveen Kammar –
    • Dr Jay Anam-
    • Dr Chetan Anchan-
  • Once the documents are received and reviewed you will receive a call from one of our coordinators with tentative timing for online consultation.
  • The online consultation will happen on Whatsapp call.
  • After the consultation, consultation notes are shared via mail and whatspp.
  • Our coordinators are available round the clock to help you with any difficulty you face.

If you are a cancer patient or someone taking care of a cancer patient, please read this :

  • Avoid going out
  • Do not meet new people ,including friends and family.
  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Be careful while you go out to procure daily essentials, as these are the places where the social distancing is to the minimum.
  • Always wear a mask while stepping out.
  • Avoid touching anyone and anything like door knob, railing, doors, etc.